Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Two Fish One Cast WT 84 Degrees

I caught two fish this evening, but I caught two spots at one time. Fifteen to twenty feet in front of the boat a school of bass chased some shad to the surface. I was throwing a spook at the time. I laid the spook rod down, picked up the rod that had a Ratl Trap tied on and cast in the middle of where the school disappeared. I turned the rod a few cranks and hooked up. The fish was not putting up much of a fight and then all of a sudden it really started pulling hard. I got it closer to the boat and realized I had not hook one bass, but two. I called to my wife who was reading a book, "Get up I need a witness to this". I had hooked a 1 1/4 lb spot on the front hooks and a 2 1/4 lb spot on the back hooks. Nice day I'll say ,but no camera. That is the second time in three years I have done that, last time on a spook. Those fish weighed 3 lbs and 2 lbs one on the front hooks of the spook and one on the back hooks. If you are not fishing a lake that has spotted bass in it, find one . Largemouth may be bigger but so are 100 lb catfish. If you catch a 4 lb spot you will never fish for a largemouth again. I have caught 341 bass since 27 Mar 2005.


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