Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I left the dock about 6:30. As I was pulling out of the dock and a school started feeding 50 ft from the dock. I stopped threw into the school and caught a 2 lb spot. Moved up the lake about a mile saw another school feeding ran the boat over to them, threw in the school caught another 2 lb spot. Threw into the same spot and caught another 1 lb. spot. Three cast later caught a 2 3/4 lb spot. All of this took place in the first ten minutes of the fishing trip. Fished another hour no more bites. This proves what we all know , you have got to be on the lake and in the right place for everything to work out. Four in 10 minutes. Remenber practice catch and release (take a picture) WT 79 degrees, 6 days before the full moon. I have caught 365 bass since 27 Mar 2005.


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